What does Fix & Flip/Vacant Home Insurance Cover?

Utah’s real estate investors prefer Anderson Insurance Group for their Vacant Home insurance coverage. It’s important however to understand that Vacant Home coverage will not coverage everything that a normal homeowners or landlord policy covers.

Homeowners Insurance generally covers 17 perils and Vacant Home insurance will normally cover the first seven of those perils and we then add vandalism for eight covered perils. Here’s a list:



Wind & Hail


Riot or Civil Commotion

Vehicles & Aircraft



We have had outstanding claims experience from United Heritage with our Utah Vacant Home program, here are a few claims our agency has experienced.

  • A real estate agent had the copper tubing taken out of a vacant home, that was covered.
  • A real estate agent had the central AC unit stolen from the back of the home, for the copper wire that they have in them, that was covered.
  • An electrical fire caused $27,000 in damage to the structure.
  • A homeless man started a fire in a vacant home to keep warm causing $70,000 in damage.

There have been a few others over the years but these are just a few and will give you an idea of the types of risks that Utah’s real estate investors face.

For more information including the perils that a Vacant Home policy does not coverage please see Vacant Home coverage on our website or click here:

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