Protect your Utah Short Term Rental property with insurance from Anderson Insurance Group.

If you rent your property as a Short Term Rental you have a couple of options:

Option #1

Add the Short Term Rental endorsement to a policy offered by more traditional insurance companies like Safeco, Travelers or Auto-Owners. Here’s a short list of what you will get by endorsing a current insurance policy with Utah Short Term rental/Utah Homesharing coverage:

  • Coverage for the traditional perils of Fire & Lightning, Smoke, Accidental Discharge or Overflow of Water, Windstorm & Hail (can be subject to Actual Cash Value roof coverage)
  • Personal Liability coverage
  • Loss of Use or loss of rental income

What you won’t get by adding this endorsement to a traditional insurance policy:

  • Replacement Cost Contents
  • Theft of contents
  • Bed Bug coverage
  • Adequate Business Income. In some cases the Loss of Use or Loss of Rental Income may be capped and not provide adequate coverage for high revenue generating Short Term Rental properties.
  • Liability coverage for items that your renters may use such as bikes, small watercraft, ATV/UTVs and other limitations.
  • Property Manager commission. Yes, if do not have this coverage the marketer and property manager of your property may not promote it as much as other properties.

Option #2

The second option for Utah Short Term Rental insurance coverage is written on a commercial insurance form and will give you broader coverage than if written on a personal form (Homeowners, Condo, or Landlords policy). Here are a few examples of the broader coverage available:

  • Replacement Cost Contents (new for old)
  • Theft and Vandalism
  • Commercial General Liability
  • Business Income in more adequate limits to cover high income properties
  • Swimming Pool Liability coverage
  • Bed Bug Coverage and Property Managers commission

Why insure with Anderson Insurance Group?

You can’t rely on just any insurance agency to insure your Utah Short Term Rental, you need Anderson Insurance Group. In addition to the perils mentioned above Anderson Insurance Group will always work to provide the best coverage available, here are a few options:

  • Extended Dwelling replacement of 125% or 150%
  • Service Line Coverage
  • Damage to your basement or dwelling from an exterior water or irrigation pipe
  • Personal Injury coverage
  • Ordinance & Law (Covers expenses to bring homes up to code)
  • Coverage from a water or sewer backup

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