Water Seepage & Leakage Explained

Water Seepage and Leakage is a broad term that describes water damage normally hidden behind a wall or cabinet. This damage occurs over an extended period of time from water that escapes from a water or drainage pipe.

Over the years damage from a water pipe that is “hidden” or that occurs over an extended period of time has been the most misunderstood part of homeowners insurance and it seems that every time the news media wants to drag an insurance company through the mud they find a homeowner who has had a claim denied because a water pipe leaked behind a wall over an extended period of time.

A great example of Water Seepage and Leakage coverage is Arlyn Anderson, the inspiration for Anderson Insurance Group and who was an agent for one of the major insurance companies for 35 years. Arlyn called one day because the water heater in his St. George home had been leaking for a few months causing damage to the sheetrock and molding. He did not anticipate he would be covered because the company he represented during his career would not have covered damage that occurred over an extended period of time. He was pleasantly surprised to learn that his Auto Owners policy included Water Seepage and Leakage and would cover the damage.

At Anderson Insurance Group we represent four different companies that offer Water Seepage and Leakage Coverage, Auto Owners, Travelers, Safeco, Midwest Family Mutual and United Insurance Group. The terms are different with each company, Auto Owner’s calls their endorsement Domestic Appliance Seepage or Leakage. Traveler’s coverage is Limited Hidden Water Damage. Each company’s endorsements will have different language and limits, please refer to your policy for the specific language, coverage definitions and limitations.

At Anderson Insurance Group Utah we try to include Water Seepage & Leakage whenever we can but it is not available on other property forms or offered by companies other than Auto Owners, Travelers, Safeco, Midwest Family Mutual and United Insurance Group. Without this endorsement added to your policy, water damage is generally only covered when it is “sudden and accidental.” Most policies will further define this as a water pipe that has been leaking for less than 14 days.

Call us for more details regarding this valuable coverage and how you can add it to your Utah homeowners insurance.

Water Seepage and Leakage Insurance Coverage in Utah

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