Utah High Value Homeowners Insurance

You have worked hard, have a nice home and expect that your homeowners insurance will work hard for you in the event of a claim. Don’t settle for just any homeowners insurance coverage, you need coverage from Anderson Insurance Group for your Utah High Value Home.

Utah High Value Home Insurance can provide these additional benefits to make sure your home is protected:

Guaranteed Home Replacement/200% of Dwelling Coverage A/Increased Cost Endorsement with 125%/150%/100% additional dwelling coverage. There are a lot of methods insurance companies use to assure that Utah High Value homes have sufficient dwelling coverage. Regardless of the company or method your Anderson Insurance agent will take additional precaution to make sure your home is sufficiently insured.

Special Personal Property/HO5 Contents Coverage: Special Personal Property coverage gives you broader coverage and higher limits for your personal property. Complete your Utah High Value home insurance coverage with HO5 contents coverage. See our additional blog post on this topic.

Water Seepage and Leakage: If a water pipe leaks behind a wall or cabinet over an extended period of time, water seepage and leakage can cover the resulting damage. Recently a friend’s elderly parents had water damage to their basement from a pipe that leaked over an extended period of time and he expressed frustration that their insurance company had denied the claim. You may have parts of your home that you don’t frequent often, make sure you are protected if coverage occurs in those areas.

Inland Flood: Coverage from rain or surface water damage can be added to your Utah High Value Home to make sure you have the highest level of protection.

Equipment Breakdown: Your Utah High Value Home has luxury systems that can be protected against mechanical issues with equipment breakdown coverage. This coverage can be easily added to your homeowners policy.

Damage From an Exterior Water Or Sprinkler Pipe: If your Utah High Value home is like most you probably have a nice theatre and game room in the basement. Make sure your basement is protected if your sprinkler line or value breaks and water damages your basement.

These are just some of the coverages that will make sure your high value home has the best protection. Coverage and endorsements are not available from every company, call your Anderson Insurance Group agent for more details and information today.

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