State of Utah Insure-Rite System

How many drivers are uninsured in the State of Utah? Thanks to the Insure-Rite automobile insurance verification system founded in 1995, that number has been reduced from 24% to just 5%.

The system works when the Insure-Rite system matches the registration information from your car (provided by the State of Utah) to the insurance information (supplied by your insurance company). If there isn’t a match, you will receive three letters asking you for proof of insurance. If you receive one of these letters, contact our office, and we will gladly provide the information to Insure-Rite or you can submit the information here: Letter ( It’s best to email or text us a copy of the letter so that we can verify the accuracy of all the information.

Why did you receive a letter from Insure-Rite in the first place? Several factors can cause a mismatch between the vehicle registration insurance information. A difference in the insurance policy name and registration, a difference in vehicle registration and insurance address, or perhaps an error in the VIN number. Once you send the letter to us and we verify coverage with Insure-Rite, the problem will be resolved. It is essential to ensure your registration, insurance, and address are all consistent to prevent future letters.

Suppose you do not respond by the third letter. In that case, your vehicle registration will be suspended. You may not realize it until you see the flashing red and blue lights in your rearview mirror. Official State of Utah mail, including registrations, does not get forwarded, so updating your registration when you move is important. Here are a few links to update your registration and your driver’s license:

State of Utah Automobile Registration Address Change: Utah’s Motor Vehicle Portal

Utah Driver License Change of Address: Drivers License Renewal (

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