How Do I Qualify for a Work Comp Waiver in Utah?

To be eligible to waive workers’ compensation coverage in Utah you or your entity must fall into one of the following categories:

  • Sole Proprietors with no employees.
  • Independent Contractors.
  • Partnerships with no employees.
  • LLC members may be eligible.
  • A single member LLC with no employees.
  • Directors or Officers of a corporation who have no employees.

For complete information on eligibility for a workers’ compensation war in Utah click on this link for the Utah Labor Commission: Workers’ Compensation Coverage Waivers – Utah Labor Commission

Applying for the WCCW – Workers’ Compensation Coverage Waiver is easy, there are three basic steps:

  1. Complete the online application.
  2. Submit any required documents.
  3. Pay the $50.00 application fee.

You can apply for the Utah WCCW here: WCCW – Utah Labor Commission

When you waive your rights to workers’ compensation you are assuming 100% of the risk. Waiving workers’ compensation coverage saves money by not incurring the cost of the insurance. The most common application is if you are a sole proprietor, independent contractor or perhaps a single member LLC and you want to waive the coverage. Employees cannot waive workers’ compensation coverage.

In Utah it is required that you provide workers’ compensation coverage to all employees. The State of Utah will monitor compliance using your Utah Unemployment ID number which is commonly requested when applying for insurance. The State of Utah will have a record of your employees and will track the insurance coverage and if they don’t match, they will contact you. The fine for not carrying workers’ compensation insurance is about the same as the cost of the insurance so it pays to get coverage and follow the law.

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