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As a good landlord you have a comprehensive rental agreement and have used your Utah rental criteria Utah Landlord Rental Criteria | Anderson Insurance Group , your landlord and your tenant’s insurance in place Are You Requiring Renters Insurance? | Anderson Insurance Group but you will want an additional level of house rules or understanding between you and the tenant. House rules become more important in apartment buildings where the units are close together.

I was impressed a few years ago while insuring a large apartment complex and the landlord presented me with a list of “house rules” addendum to their lease agreement that helped set some additional ground rules. Now that more years have passed I have seen how valuable a good set of house rules can be. The most valuable house rule has to be no candles, we have had too many fires over the years from candles.

Utah Landlord House Rules

ADDENDUM TO LEASE for property located at:_____________________________________ Date:_________


  1. Candles are a fire hazard and are prohibited. The fine for having a candle in the apartment lit or not is $500.00. Initials:__________
  2. This is a NON-SMOKING property. Smoking will result in a $100.00 fine per occurrence. Owners are responsible to pay the fine if a guest smokes on the property. Initials:_______.
  3. Barbecue grills must be pulled four (4) feet away from the home when in use and can only be stored next to the property once they have completely cooled. Initials:________.
  4. Parking. A. Only one automobile per adult driver are allowed at this premises, no exceptions. Trailers are allowed only upon permission of owner. B. Automobiles must be in good operating condition and used at least once per week. Automobiles that are not operable are subject to a $25.00 per day fine for each day they have been disabled. Initials:_______.
  5. Tenant will show special care to the floors to prevent scratches, stains or damage. This included not dragging furniture on the floors. Resident must provide area rigs and must place felt or floor protectors under all furniture BEFORE it is moved into the unit.
  6. Tenant must use “gallery style” pins or nails to hang pictures, they are less invasive to the wall and sheetrock. Using double sided tape and adhesive to hang pictures is prohibited.
  7. No paint, explosive or flammable items are to be stored in the garage area or in the unit. They must be disposed of properly and immediately after use. Initials________.
  8. Waterproof trays must be used under any plants and in the living area only.
  9. Tenant is responsible for all cleaning and responsible to clean the unit as they move out.
  10. DAMAGE TO THE DWELLING IS NOT NORMAL WEAR AND TEAR. Tenant is responsible for any damage caused by themselves or their guests. Initials:__________.
  11. Tenant has the responsibility to be quite and make a contentious effort to prevent noise from extending beyond boundaries of the property or unit particularly between the hours of 10:00 PM and 7:00 AM. Partys and loud music are discouraged.
  12. Tenant agrees to replace burned out lightbulbs with the same or lower wattage. If you need assistance replacing a lightbulb, please let us know and we can help.
  13. Smoke detector batteries must never be removed. If you need assistance changing a smoke detector battery, please notify us.
  14. Satellite dishes are not allowed on the roof or property. Please use a TV provider with underground access.
  15. Tenant agrees to place shower curtains in all showers. Tenant also agrees to place a shower mat in front of shower to prevent water splashing onto the floor. Tenant agrees to use caution and prevent water from spilling onto the floor while showering or bathing including use of the bathtub. Tile is not waterproof and can be ruined if water is allowed to spill and pool on the tile.
  16. Tenant agrees to quarterly checks of the premises and tenant agrees that owner can enter the unit in an emergency and without notice.
  17. Tenant agrees to maintain the exterior of the property including mowing the lawn on a weekly basis.
  18. Tenant agrees to notify owner of any broken sprinklers or maintenance in the irrigation system.
  19. Tenant will notify owner of any dry spots that develop in the lawn.
  20. Tenant agrees to maintain plants they bring onto the property. Plants used for medicinal purposes including marijuana must be approved by owner. No plants used for illegal drugs are allowed on the premises.
  21. If for any reason tenant does not honor this contract in its entirety, they are responsible for all court costs, filing fees and attorney fees to satisfy contract.
  22. Rent and all fees must be paid by automatic payment to the address below.

TENANTS: ___________________________________________________________Date______________________________

New landlords can learn a lot from experienced landlords who upon reading these house rules will tell you they have come across these situations at least once during their years of land lording. If you get out in front of these situations you will have a much more rewarding and successful land lording experience.

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