Utah food trucks are a gathering place of diversity and celebration for our communities, as chefs bring their culinary creations into our neighborhoods.

Just as important as your craft is the right insurance protection. Food truck insurance can be basic providing general liability and commercial auto insurance to keep the cost down, or you can add additional coverage to give you the better protection. Here’s a list of food truck insurance coverage to consider for your Utah food truck.

GENERAL LIABILITY: Provides coverage for incidents such as slip and fall or if someone were to break a tooth on a bone left in the food. This coverage is very broad and if you are participating in the Utah Food Truck League or catering to large businesses, you will need limits of at least $1,000,000/$2,000,000.

COMMERCIAL AUTO: Provides coverage for your food truck while parked or on the road. Just like personal auto insurance, you will need liability coverage and can add collision and comprehensive “full coverage”. If you have a food trailer, you will still need a commercial auto policy to extend liability to the trailer while in tow. You will also need to add collision and comprehensive coverage to cover the trailer against fire, theft, collision, etc. Coverage can also be added for permanently installed equipment. You may also need limits of $1,000,000 to satisfy the Utah Food Truck League or other business you will be catering to.

BUSINESS PERSONAL PROPERTY: Covers cooking equipment, utensils and food stock.

BUSINESS INCOME: If you have a fire, theft, auto accident or other covered loss, business income protects you against lost revenue and additional expense until you get back to business. Different limits are available.

EQUIPMENT BREAKDOWN: Provides coverage for damage to your electrical, mechanical and pressure systems. An example is damage to a freezer from a power surge causing failure to the system. See the policy for details, normal wear and tear and failure due to the age of the equipment is generally excluded.

BLANKET ADDITIONAL INSURED: Your food is great, and everyone wants to hire you! You will need a blanket additional insured endorsement to extend coverage to all of the vendors who hire you.

EMPLOYEE DISHONESTY: This is another coverage to consider, in the food industry it’s easier to steal money from an employer and you may want to add this coverage.

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