Are You Covered? – Personal Auto Benefits with Auto-Owners Insurance.

Most people would think that personal auto policies are all the same and why not, that’s what lizard’s and mayhem have been telling us for years. The truth is, there is a lot of difference in a personal auto policy offered by Auto-Owners and other top-shelf insurance companies and the policies you buy online or through the new insure-tech companies.

Is a low cost auto policy worth discovering you don’t have coverage after a loss? Absolutely not and many times you will find that the cost difference between the two policies is not that great.

For a complete description of coverage, the policy form must be consulted but here are a few areas where Auto-Owners adds value to their personal auto insurance product:

Auto-Owners can provide coverage for non-owned autos which are much more than just rentals. On the occasion that you are driving another’s car, Auto Owners can cover you where the discount/online/insure-tech policies may not.

Auto-Owners can provide coverage for vehicles over 10,000 pounds in GVW so if you rent a moving truck or motorhome, Auto-Owners can cover you, the others probably won’t.

Auto-Owners can provide coverage for permissive users of your car while others reduce the limits or void collision and comprehensive coverages.

Auto-Owners can provide coverage for undisclosed household members where many other policies will limit or void certain coverages. Policy holders should tell their company about every driver of their cars but what if they forget or it does not occur to them to do so? This has been a big change in the industry in the last few years.

Auto-Owners can cover business use of an auto. If you ever use your car for any business use it would be unwise to insure with any of the discount/insure-tech companies, you most likely do not have coverage with them for this exposure.

Auto-Owners will cover the theft of your car even without evidence of forced entry, something that other companies do not cover.

Auto-Owners can cover physical damage for a temporary substitute vehicle if your car is in for service or repair, something the others may not cover. Ever drive a loaner from the dealer? — With the others, you are probably not covered.

Auto-Owners allows 30 days for a newly acquired auto to be scheduled, most companies are just 14 days.

In addition to these benefits that are built into the policy check out our other personal auto blog to learn about gap insurance, diminished value, OEM parts and other benefits that can be added to a personal auto policy with Auto-Owners and other great companies we represent.

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